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Jane Westlake Adventures: The Mystery Train


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In stock

Follow Jane Westlake on her quest to discover the secret of a mysterious train and stop it from leaving with its cargo.
Explore mysterious locations where you have to use your action skills to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and figure out clever ways to conquer objectives.
Your adventure takes place in a mountain forest around and old viaduct. There is a military operation looking to load and unknown cargo discovered deep in the forest, onto the train that rests on the viaduct above you. Defeat the soldiers and explore the environment to locate weapons and items needed to advance your mission.

  • Death-defying environments – you have to find your way up an old and huge abandoned railway viaduct. A dangerous and very tall course awaits you.
  • Use Jane’s athletic ability to navigate the environment.
  • Use action skills to defeat your enemies. Find weapons, ammo and explosives to aid your fight.
  • Use your intelligence to solve puzzles in order to advance.
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