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Australian trip


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Australian trip with dingo.

Take a bright and exciting adventure in Australia with the symbol of New Year – dog Dingo. A fascinating and extraordinary puzzle game. Your task is to manage the dingo dog – to move the opal stones, to blow up the boxes, to use the portals and the conveyor belts, and also the laser installations in order to reach the checkpoint. Do not forget to collect the energetic elements in order to get achievements. Australian Trip is a game for those who love logical puzzles. In some problems it is necessary to think outside the box and calculate the moves in advance.

Beautiful and colorful graphics will please you. Easy and convenient controls. A lot of levels are scattered on the map of Australia. Original music with elements of Australian Aboriginals will immerse you in the atmosphere of Australia.

Do not even think that you will pass all levels on the first try, some levels will make you think very hard. Accessible for all ages, because the game does not require a quick reaction. Play and enjoy the trip to Australia.

  • Addictive puzzles;
  • The game in the sokoban genre;
  • A game for savvy people;
  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Excellent controls;
  • For people of any age;
  • Original Aboriginal music;
  • Lasers, portals, bombs.
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