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Android Hunter A


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In stock

Corrupted machines flood the streets of Future Earth, previously a haven for humans and androids alike. As cities fall, a new force is created to fight back – the perfect Android Hunter. 

Launch into a retro-inspired sidescrolling shooter sharpening the edge of action platforming in  Android  Hunter  A.  With fully animated cinematic cutscenes,  quick-moving,  diverse encounters and a deep customization system, this is an adventure for nostalgic side-scrolling veterans and new players looking for fast-paced action.

  • A new take on a beloved genre
  • Tackle a classic roster of 8 core stage environments, blasting tons of enemies, learning new techniques and exploring a diverse set of unique biomes
  • Revitalized, captivating and widely varied assortment of awesome music
  • Fully animated and immersive in-game cinematics
  • Hundreds of customization options! Customize your character with unlockable accessories, costumes, masks and more!
  • Online and local leaderboards! Track your progress as you improve your skills, earning better stage complete times and ranking up!
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