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Zombie Desperation


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In stock

Zombie Desperation is a small horror game where you shoot hordes of zombies until you die, aiming to obtain a higher rank in the online leaderboards while unlocking new scenarios and weapons. It is a port of a shooting gallery mobile game released back in 2011, improved with several of the features that this platform has to offer. Battle for your life in six scenarios, shooting and exploding zombies, picking up weapons and support items before the screen overloads with zombies. Careful, some may want to see you up close before you become their dinner.

  • Handmade horror graphics inspired by old school survival horror games.
  • Simple gameplay but action packed!
  • Steam Leaderboards, will you be the #1 survivor in the world?
  • An original soundtrack, from chilling horror to rock action!
  • Steam Achievements! can you get them all?
  • Steam Trading Cards will be available as soon as possible!
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