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This highly experimental 2D top-down SCIFI MMORPG is attempting to model the human experience in a society. This game isn’t just about you and your journey, it’s a about how all players progress technology, society, and infrastructure in a virtual environment, together. Every man-made object you come across is crafted by a real player.

The crafting/invention system is central to the game. Players can prototype a new version of a weapon or piece of equipment in the hopes of getting a better version that they can use or sell to other players. Once a new item is prototyped, the player can repeat the skill to make that item as much as they want as long as they have the required materials. The skill can then be taught to other players, charging a fee or otherwise.

  • Effectively infinite, completely seamless game world
  • The centerpiece: Invention and Crafting
  • Generally everything is made by players
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