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Uncharted Ocean is a historical sailing RPG in a world of open ocean, islands and ships. Start your journey from the Port of Faro, and face an ever-shifting ocean full of enemies and traders to build up your own fleet. The seas are chaotic, but treasure is waiting for you in the Uncharted Ocean !

  • Naval Battles – Make allies and enemies with other ships at sea. Will you stay on the straight-and-narrow or plunder everyone you meet?
  • Ship Building – Construct an entire fleet by customizing hulls, cannons, figureheads and more.
  • Storm’s A-Brewing – Every time you trim the sails you have to consider wind speed and power. Weather effects like fog and storms will limit your sight and damage your ship. The Cape of Storms is notorious for sinking ships not strong enough to weather through!
  • Duels! – Mano y mano sword showdowns will sometimes decide the fate of characters and crews.
  • Exploration – There’s a whole ocean out there. Find treasure in sunken ruins between ports, with hundreds of collectibles, there’s always better treasure to find.
  • Black Market – sometimes what you need isn’t always available (or legal!) Smugglers are much harder to find but trade in top-shelf goods.
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