The Quest for Achievements Remix


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In stock

The Quest for Achievements Remix is a casual pixel Role playing game with 5 unique maps to explore, each with caves and secret areas and enemies to face.
Fight with swords, staffs and axes along with some magic powers to defeat the enemies that stand in your way.
The game includes a leveling system which will build your characters stats making him stronger with every level.

Achievements have left your game and entered the real world, its up to you to find out whats going on and save your Steam!

  • Entire game is faster
  • Attacking reworked, Attacking now creates slashes that fly outwards for much farther range
  • Added particle effects to enemies dying, capturing achievements and collecting coins
  • Reworked blood effects
  • Player walk and movement speed increased
  • All enemy speed is increased
  • Reworked enemies
  • Goo enemies now duplicate into smaller goo enemies before dying
  • Spiders now spit projectiles towards you
  • Ghost enemies now have area of effect attacks
  • 2 new enemies (Worm, and Super Worm)
  • Super Worm enemies fire projectiles in 4 directions
  • Final Boss health increased and attack mode changed
  • looting coins and experience has been changed to look and feel better
  • lighting and graphical enhancements have been added to all levels
  • Contrast for backgrounds have been adjusted
  • – Chests have been taken out the gameworld and caves
  • – There are now 3 rarities of achievements to be found/caught
  • – Final boss now deals area damage and fires projectiles
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