Systematic Immunity


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In stock

Systematic Immunity is a challenging precision platformer set inside the human body…and not a particularly healthy one either. This body has been infected by a big, nasty bugger of a germ, who is making it his business to spawn many more germs as fast as he can. You and your mob of 20 white blood cells must put a stop to his shenanigans at all costs!

Use all your skills to run, jump, roll, float, bounce and teleport your way through the inhospitable tissue of your host human. But remember, each white cell can only kill one germ. So watch out for casualties!


  • Control your cells using the keyboard or XBox 360/One controller
  • Play through 75 levels spread through 3 organs
  • Defeat boss germs in each organ
  • Collect info snippets about the human immune system and biology
  • Unlock extra levels with their own collectible info snippets
  • Create your own levels to play and share
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