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Who am I. Why do I work, why do I live. Can I play the Game if I do not know how. Am I a gear or the Creator. And is it possible to be both at the same time. And why octopuses don’t like cats.

Mystical drama on the game-riddle platform. A piece of the unfriendly world, aggressive to outside investigators. The shard of consciousness laced with Vonnegut and Shakespeare.

The road will be mastered by only a man possessed, slow and steady one wins the outer shell only, but the simply curious can get a flick on his nose. And if you’re not ready to call to mind – stay away from her.

  • casual turn-based strategy
  • upgrades
  • procedural battlefields
  • bunch of experimental elements – the text decoder, half-automatic generated history, esoteric poetry, etc.
  • multiple endings
  • unusual presentation
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