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THE GATES OF HELL have opened, the Infinite Skeleton Hell Army from Hell has began the Ultimate InvasionWorld leaders come together to combat the Skeleton Menace, you stand alone… The Last anime of a time long passed …. Use your ULTIMATE PUNCH and send the Evil Giant Skeletone Head and his army back skeleton hell.
Super B.E.N.B.O QUEST Turbo Deluxe is the hot new indie retro anime pixel platformer that all the cool kids are talking about. Smash your way through a handful of levels and defeat all of the bad dudes.

  • Engaging world full of Cool Skeleton Enemies.
  • A narrative-driven, single-player action platformer, with a charming cast of diverse characters and a touching story of self-discovery.
  • Find the hidden guys??
  • Fight the Super Skeleton(s) with your ULTIMATE ATTACKS.
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