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StarBallMadNess is a marble roll game while being moderate in difficulty theirs loads of entertainment for the average player while being graphically simple StarBallMadNess has smooth gameplay backed with creative maps that are each uniquely created One feature includes a maze map providing a new perspective to marble role games it adds a sort of exploration feeling if you will mazes withhold hidden coins scattered throughout Don’t be fooled though some coins may pose more difficulty to obtain then others StarBallMadNess is a fun casual game that can be played to pass time or to challenge friends in a collection of coins maybe even a race of the best time scored starball refuses any advantages just gravity and its mechanics Various maps depend on fast movements and changes in direction to get from start to finish While others may require timing or patience for the right move If you are looking for a progressively challenging marble role game StarBallMadNess is for you what will your high score be?

  • Enjoyable pick up and play game
  • Fifteen unique crafted maps to choose from (More in development)
  • A casually engaging experience for all users of all ages
  • Simplistic controls for any player
  • Relaxed Gameplay
  • StarBall has no abilitys just physics
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