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Hey, boys and girls, check out this modest casual game “three in a row.”
The goal is simple as a roasted cucumber. The gambling field is studded with jewels, you need to swipe the same diamonds in a row to clear the field. By combining more than three stones, you gain special combinations of explosions, lightning bolts and other abilities that remove small sectors and entire lines or group of same diamonds at a time. The more powerful the combination, the more points,that are so necessary for passing to the next level, you will get. From the points scored and the speed of completion, depends on the rank of performance (from one to three stars). Ah yes , for each level you are given a certain time to pass. Not completed within timer – the level again.

The game has two modes. Arcade (this is just the one with a timer) and Classic.
In the arcade mode, you need to clear all the cells, and after that the “mini boss” of the level will drop out, the red star that needs to be moved below the playing field by cleaning the stones under it.
In the classical mode there is no timer, but here to complete the level you need to score a certain number of points (but no one hurries you).
So, the playing field. The stones are arranged in cells that are cleaned by combos with stones stacked in a row. The cells can be reusable and even frozen.

The game has many levels and even there are girls.

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