Siege of Inaolia


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In stock

Siege of Inaolia is a 3rd Person, Co-op, Hack and Slash with Light RPG elements intertwined with an all encompassing lore.

It follows the tale of Duncan, Draeldos and Esaya as they find themselves trapped within the ancient fortress city of Inaolia and are forced to stand together against unthinkable odds.

  • Two Unique Enemy Factions – To face off against, both with their own strengths, weaknesses and visual style.
  • A Deep Lore – That in the darkness binds every detail and gives players a reason to invest in the story.
  • Survival Arenas – Function as bite sized areas where players can fight endlessly to rack up their scores for bragging rights on leaderboards.
  • Three Player Co-Op With Three Unique Heroes – Each with their own unique playstyle that can further be fine tuned through skill trees.
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