RPG Maker MV: Fantastic Buildings – Medieval


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In stock

Do you love seeing maps with detailed towns and buildings, but lack the artistic skill to create them yourself? Then this pack is just for you.

Fantastic Buildings: Medieval contains 45 detailed and unique buildings that are ready to be used in your maps. Some can even be combined with different tiles for alternate versions. Just select the building in the editor, and place it on the map – it’s that simple!

  • A variety of functional buildings such as inns/pubs, stables, churches, tents and NPC homes.
  • Specialized buildings such as blacksmith, guild and castle.
  • Easy to use materials — already formatted into tile sheets for you!
  • Material that matches the RTP, as well as the large variety of Celianna’s resources.
  • Tile object details (gallows, lamp posts, garden/farm fields, market stalls, castle walls, hanging signs), Tile A4 ground tiles and parallax extras.
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