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Escape from Raccoon City!

As the last alive member of S.T.A.R bravo team – Jill Valentine – you are thrown into a violent, fierce and deadly whirl of chaotical events in barely holding Raccoon City!

Resident Evil 3 expends the timeline of main events of this famous and already legendary horror series. Taking place simultaneously with Resident Evil 2, this time, once again we enter the body of fearless, brave and gutsy Jill Valentine. With a help of irreplaceable Carols Oliveira you wade through the ruins of infected and hazardous Raccon City.

Jill still has memories of the helicopter crash and Mansion Incident behind her head.  But there is no time for reminiscence as Umbrella Corporation creates an even more dangerous and deadly threat than before.  T virus is spreading widely and evolving much faster than anyone could have expected. By the result of that the whole city is conquered by zombies.

Zombies are not the only problem of Jill and Raccoon City. New Bio Organic Weapon has been released – Nemesis. This brutal and callous mutant will haunt you till your death. No restraints and no morals – only one target – to annihilate you.  

As one of the most threatening survivors, you need to escape Raccoon city and spread the precious intel about the atrocious activity of Umbrella Corp.

  • Relieve true and original experience of Resident Evil 3 on a new graphic engine. A total rework of all textures, sound and visual effects to enhance this terrifying adventure
  • Choose your preferable combat style – either engage with close melee action or more stealthy and silent approach with pistols
  • 2 playable characters with different statistics and general style of play
  • Explore the remains and ashes of Raccoon City – many mysteries to be explored and riddles to be solved
  • Enjoy the new multiplayer approach to the Resident Evil series. Resistance allows 1vs4 multiplayer gameplay where one player need to stop and ultimately kill 4 survivors, also controlled by players
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