Please Find Me


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In stock

This game is horror with humor.
Michael, an ordinary clerk went on a camping trip and got into trouble.
During the trip in the forest a heavy rain began and he had to shelter in a cave, what happens next will depend on your choice.

The game is made in the genre of adventure, horror, quest.
The game including searching for quest items that will help you move forward thru the game, but in order to do it you will have to dive into water and avoid meetings with enemies.

You can view more than 20 different cut scenes and enjoy funny cave paintings.
Try to find all 3 game endings.

Go ahead, hold your breath and dive into the water, walk through lava flows, encounters with fantastic hostile creatures, and an insidious mermaid.
Find a way out of the cave.

This game is 85% made by one person, a Big Thanks to my brother Elisey and Good friend sound-designer Pasha Makarov.

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