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Pixel To The West is a fantastic indie 3D adventure game based on classic literature Journey To The West, they meet the space-disorder on the way of their journey. The mysterious space make them fall into the 3D world from the 2D pixel world. The magic of the Monkey King was also scattered all over the world, help the Monkey King to collect the scattered spells and rescue the master.You can control monkey king in the game, defeat monsters and bosses of every level with incredible skills, calling the cloud to fly and explore the world. Enjoy!


  • World Explore – You can explore different worlds in the game and collect for incredible magic and treasure.
  • 72-Transform Skill – After defeating a monster, you can collect its soul and transform.
  • Summon System – After defeating the monster, you can summon it to help you.
  • Flying System – Summon cloud, flying the vast sky!
  • Boss Challenging – Challenge a variety of powerful Boss, defeat them and then collect their souls.
  • Story – Wonderful Story make the game fantastic.
  • Magic Shoot – Collect different magic and launch them.
  • Special Magic – The game features a variety of special magic features, each with a different effect.
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