Monkeys & Dragons


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Monkeys & Dragons is an Indie Retro Adventure inspired by video game classics like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones or Simon the Sorcerer.


Jack and Lana just started their honeymoon, when Jack was kidnapped by a sorcerer who turned out to be Jack’s ex-boyfriend. No one wants to help Lana to rescue her husband, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. On her rescue mission, she becomes an adventurer, completes quests and solves dangerous puzzles. However, there was something she wasn’t prepared for…


You play as Lana and you have to rescue her husband on a tropical island full of monsters, traps and mysteries. The Early Access version launches with three chapters that end with an open ending. All players can make suggestions for the game’s ending and vote for the ending that will be integrated into the game. Do you want a happy ending? A tragic one? Something completely different? It is your chance to contribute to the story!

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