Micro Car Crash Le Go! – Online


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In stock

New exciting action-packed racing game Car Crash Le Go! for all ages.

Drive a racing, toy car that breaks down into bricks in a collision with obstacles, with a physically realistic destruction system. You are given complete freedom of action on a completely destructible machine, on completely open locations, for the execution of tricks of which, your imagination will be the only limitation.

Perform insane stunts on ramps and jumps. Manoeuvre between obstacles, and avoid collisions, such as at every impact, parts from your car will fall off, which will not prevent it from moving on. You will have the opportunity to ride in a small toy car through huge rooms, stopping by at gigantic, sized furniture and flying over it with the help of jumps.

Organize crazy battles, on toy cars with your friends, in multiplayer mode. Your victory will depend on the ability to manoeuvre among obstacles and calculate the moment when you need to strike the enemy while doing yourself minimal damage.

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