Marble Trap


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Race to the end of the level by avoiding traps and don’t fall into the sea.

Marble Trap is an isometric rolling race game where you need to roll your way to the finish without getting trapped. Try with your marble to complete all levels in your own best time or take up with others in the leaderboards.

At the beginning of the game, the racing tracks will be reasonable with only minor obstacles that are in your way but in later levels, the tracks are pact full with traps that are inconveniently placed.

The traps you can expect and needed to be avoided are a rotating ax, spears that rise out of the ground, spike cubes, a trap pit and shooting cannons. Other games in this genre keep you idle with solving puzzles and other fun stuff but this one is about being agile. In later levels, if you are a slowpoke than you get crushed by unavoidable chainsaws that follow you slowly.

This game is inspired by old school platformers, Marble Madness, Marble Blast, Super Monkey Ball and other retro classics from the 80s. Easy controls using only the direction buttons and only one road to follow but yet very challenging.

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