Longboard Stunts and Tricks


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In stock

Longboard racing is really exciting to watch. Skaters do amazing tricks, driving on windy tracks with hairpins. Don’t miss the opportunity to control a virtual longboard and compete with professional skaters.

  • Drive through the wandering serpentine, overcome obstacles and hairpins. Make your opponents bite the dust!
  • Join a breathtaking longboarding tournament: Try one of the most extreme sports racing. Try each of 3 racing modes and be a winner in each of them
  • Control modern longboards: Choose one of the 4 unique longboards. Bigger and faster than skateboards, they are definitely made for long distance racing
  • Compete with professional skaters: Play with one of the longboarding masters. Drive fast and do your best to overrun opponents. Become one of the top longboard skaters.
  • Increase your level: Pass the way from the amateur skater to the longboarding master!
  • Drive through the long serpentine: Slide, overcome hairpins and obstacles at top speed.
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