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Life is Hard is a godsim town simulator game. It contains classic strategy games mechanics, referring to such diamonds as Stronghold and Settlers, combining them with survival and RPG elements in aim to create unique game experience.

Your main aim here is to manage your town. Start with a small village with just 4 settlers and turn it into a prosper town with beautiful buildings, crowded markets and strong walls. Expand your domain, prevent famine and pestilence, make war, trade with other settlements, attract new people, craft armor and weapons. Make history!

  • Godsim element – Start the path by choosing your patron – one of six ancient gods. Every one of them provides unique magic spells and a hero to help your reign. Would you use Light spells to heal your soldiers or is it more fun to raise your enemies as obedient undead soldiers with help of the God of Darkness? It’s up to you to deside! But be careful – if you don’t appease your god he will call his wrath upon your settlement!
  • Storyline – Protect your settlers from Tenebris the Necromancer and find out what happened to these lands. Free yourself from the yoke of the Northern Kingdom. Or is it better to become their loyal vassal? Make you choice, but remember – every medal has its reverse.
  • Hard and challenging, because Life is Hard – Whatever you choose, your path won’t be easy. You’ll have to start over and over again, trying many different playing styles, before finding your own way to survive in this unfriendly world. With every failure you’ll get a little bit closer to success.
  • Every attempt is unique – Your settlers have personal traits and skills, so your settlements will never be the same. Drunkard miners and chatterbox woodcutters will make the game even more fun!
  • Beautiful soundtrack and professional voiceover – An original soundtrack with more than 10 themes by Vitaliy Ruzankin awaits you in Life is Hard along with a voiceover in two languages (English and Russian) done by professional actors.
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