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House of Evil 2 – Survival horror survival with a first-person view, in which you can test your nerves for strength. Events take place in the mansion, which exists in reality.

The main character – Max, after the events of 2017, retires from special services and devotes all his free time to investigating the disappearance of his friends, he had a dream where Michael calls for help, so Max decides to once again examine the old mansion in ” Zaklyuchye “and hit the road.

After the tenants of the mansion and Max’s friends went missing, 2 years have passed, almost all of the looters ransacked the house, the mansion grew old without proper care and turned into such a gloomy place.

  • You will have to solve interesting puzzles, learn spells in Latin.
  • To investigate, just find out what happened 2 years ago.
  • You will see several types of enemies: the usual spirits of which can be killed only by a spell in Latin, demons can be killed with weapons.
  • Ability to hide from enemies.
  • Large open spaces of the mansion, unusual preservation in the form of seals and boxes.
  • Atmosphere of horror
  • Unusual mechanism, exile
  • Pentagram snares
  • Plot
  • Colorful special effects
  • Real-life place
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