Dim Glow


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Dim Glow is a casual game where you control a dark sphere. Your task is to shoot at other objects that accidentally appear on the playing field and for each hit on them you get one point. The difficulty is that you have an initial supply of bullets, it is replenished when destroying objects, but when you waste all bullets, you lose and you have to start all over again. Also at the start you have 4 lives, if some enemies touch you or get hit by a bullet, then you lose one life point, if you lose all life points, you also lose. But you can replenish life by one point if you pick up a ruby ​​heart that accidentally appears on the playing field. Each enemy is unique and behaves in its own way, some just move, others immediately seek to cause you damage. And how many times will you be able to hit enemies?

  • Smart enemies
  • Use of physics
  • Fast and interesting gameplay
  • Energetic music
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