Destination Dungeons: Catacombs of Dreams


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In stock

Destination Dungeon is a new casual style of dungeon crawling. Instead of roaming around a huge dungeon looking for opportunity, the opportunities come to you. Random events take place including traps, locked doors, enemy encounters, merchants, and more. The decisions you make will decide if you can survive through and defeat the minions of the Catacombs of Dreams! Create your champion, gain levels, find new equipment, buy from vendors, and grow your hero or heroine into a legend. Catacombs of Dreams contains 50 levels of casual fasted paced adventure. Take a journey into the Catacombs of Dreams today.

  • Character creation
  • Character development
  • Traps to disarm
  • Merchants to buy from
  • Doors to unlock
  • Many enemies to defeat
  • 50 levels to crawl through
  • Random journey every play through
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