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Why you should buy Core Keeper:

  • You’re looking for an engaging game for up to 8 players.
  • You love that remarkable pixel-art style.
  • You wish to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.

Get ready for a journey

Grab a bunch of friends for your team and embark on a journey down below the ground in Core Keeper, a casual indie adventure game from Pugstorm. Sure, you can also play it single, but why not share the adventure with a group of helpful teammates? Are you ready to survive trapped underground?

Grab your pickaxe

Explore endless underground corridors and collect various resources. Mine ores, search for hidden crystals, gather fossils and trinkets… All that and more in the living biomes, where you can stumble upon something unexpected behind every corner. Prepare to fight cavernous creatures hidden in the dark depths.

Fight & craft

To defeat your mysterious enemies, you’ll need to equip your character with quality weapons and armor. Learning how you can craft them will make you much more powerful. But crafting is not only about customization – with the right skills, you’ll also be able to build bridges over underground lakes and place torches to bring some light to the dark caves.

Your own crops

No one can survive too long without proper nutrition. Learn how to make your own food, from planting seeds to collecting crops. You can also go fishing and prepare delicious meals by combining various ingredients in the cooking pot. But get ready for some unexpected effects that may occur!

Core Keeper: key features

  • Game for 1-8 players,
  • Lovely pixel-art style,
  • A plethora of activities,
  • Many collectibles and crafting options,
  • Dangerous enemies to defeat.
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