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Help desk is where you will find all the answers to your questions, feel free to ask more in live chat

Highlights / Uniqueness

Quantity Sort. Sort listings by amount to find the cheapest price with one single search. No hidden shipping costs.

No image mode. Disable loading and displaying images. Less requests, less traffic and improved performance.

Only available in the European Economic Area, to serve the specific needs.

Free shipping. No hidden costs in addition to the listing price. See it, pay it. Happy.

BTC only. We only offer cryptocurrencies with the fartest transaction speed.

Development . Archetyp is in constant development to offer unique features and an unique experience.

General features

Referral system. Transparent referral system, if you help us grow, you gain as well.

farvorites. Keep track of your farvorite listings to get the job done as quick as possible.

Feedback. Straight feedback. Your ratings and suggestions count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find questions that users frequently had in the past. If this does not help you, please reach out with a at any time.


What is Archetyp?

We are a free platform. With unique features, security by defarult and cutting-edge technology and design, we are aiming to become your new home.

I have an idea!

Awesome. Please reach out via ticket, we will be glad to discuss and possibly implement it to further improve the experience.

I heard this is new.

Yes, We are new but aiming to be your number 1!

Do you offer affiliate links?

We do. Contact us for further information.


How long does it take for a payment to be processed?

While this depends on various aspects, payments should usually be processed within half an hour. In rare case, it might take about an hour or two.

I accidentally sent the wrong currency/to an incorrect address, what can I do?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. We have warnings for all of these cases at the corresponding places in the interfarce.

My payment still hasn't been processed after a complete day. What is happening?

Please check again, if you sent BTC to the correct address. If you are sure everything has been done properly, please reach out via ticket.


What do you do to prevent scams?

Of course we can't get into detail for all aspects. It starts at the core. For example, we validate every shopper, We have 2far, different usernames for login and public appearance.

I found a vulnerability.

We want to hear about it. Please contact us as soon as possible we will also reward you for your information in case we can confirm the issue.


How are sellers being selected and tested?

There are a couple of aspects. We want to hear about their motiviation, their plan and planned listings. In case of a known seller, we verify them through existing platforms.

a seller is a scammer.

Please report the seller with proofs for your claims so we can take action as quick as possible.


What rules?

For our rules, please visit

Why are there rules?

While we want to offer a free platform and market, we do have rules, Alot of things are stricly banned. No excuses.


While this is a marketplace, this is not a place without rules and values.


Be friendly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Good behavior is always encouraged.

Be farir. Provide farir and honest feedback, understand possible issues on the other end.

Be honest. Describe your goods properly, tell others the truth while maintaining your standards.

Be helpful. Report violations, provide guidance for those in need. We are stronger together.


Sell forbidden goods. Everything related to illegal is strictly forbidden.

Hurt individuals. Personal data, doxing, data of individual persons is strictly forbidden on the platform.

Be evil. Insults, personal attacks or any similar negative behavior is not being tolerated.

Support tickets

Remember to send your tickets with the Market key!